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On the whole, Naa Peru Surya is patriotic drama which is deals with the subject of fighting your own anger and using it in a right way. Allu Arjun leads from the front with his career-best performance and carries the film on his shoulders. But things get slightly dull because of the lack of entertainment and the message given looking a bit dragged during the second half. If you ignore the above-said things and want to watch a different and serious subject based on the life of a soldier, you can give this film a shot. But keep your expectations in check.

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Kabali was an important film in Rajni 8767 s career. Onscreen, it marked his transition from playing a action hero to taking on an older, mature role more suited to his age and off-screen, it showed that he wasn 8767 t averse to teaming up with new-age directors who were taking Tamil cinema in new directions. Kaala , where he has once again teamed up with Kabali director Ranjith ,  shows that Kabali was the beginning of a new chapter in the actor 8767 s career and not just a one-off.

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Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India Telugu Movie Review:
From the first scene, it is Allu Arjun and his stunning screen presence that steals the show. Bunny’s aggressive actions and impressive screen presence brings a lot of depth to the proceedings. Bunny is at ease with his performance and nicely gets into the character of a man with serious anger management issues. As usual, he dances well and plays it to the galleries with his fights.

So Antony breaks out of jail
And gets back with his crew
He kidnaps Manickam 8767 s lady love
And imprisons the rest of his family too

One mass number that comes during the end, disturbs the flow of the film. Even though the climax looks good it has been dragged a bit long with unnecessary scenes of villains. The film is filled with too much of preaching about the country which gets a bit boring at times.

Kathiravan has seen first hand the problems created by borrowing money thanks to his dad (Delhi Ganesh 8767 s later short backstory is touching) and is dead against loans. So its ironic that he is forced to do exactly that and not in a straightforward manner either. So he 8767 s flawed and faces the consequences for his actions and this makes him a more interesting protagonist. The film gives us a primer on cyber crime and data misuse as Kathiravan tries to get to the bottom of things. Some things, like the way we lay our lives bare on Facebook, have been touched upon before but others, like the kinds of data out there, the ways in which they are procured and the ways in which they are misused are interesting as they are laid out in detail (I was surprised by what the movie said about boarding passes).

As expected, Trivikram once again proves that he is magician of his craft with A..A. The way he has narrated this breezy family drama with some lovable and entertaining elements are major assets. This is a film which will do exceptionally well with the family and overseas audience as the lead pair ensure that things fall in right place. If you ignore the predictable story line, you can take your entire family and watch the magic of Trivikram Srinivas in this feel good family entertainer. Recommended.

A..Aa has some breath taking visuals. The camera work is top notch and is one of the highlights of the film. The way a simple love story is showcased with these visuals makes this film look even more rich. Production values are top notch and Trivikram makes use of the village locations to the fullest.

Arjun who is the senior hero in this movie does his role to the best of his qualities. Vennela Kishore evokes few laughs here and there in the latter half. Yesteryear heroine, Nadhiya impresses with her acting in her limited role.

Sridevi entered cinema at the right time and got a string of strong roles from directors like Balachander and Bharathiraja that propelled her to stardom early in her career. She was definitely the crux around which the plot revolved in films like  Moondru Mudichu , Gayathri and  66 Vayadhinile  and got to play a diverse set of interesting characters. Her career paralleled with that of Kamal and Rajni and films like Sigappu Rojakkal , Priya , Dharmayudham and Kalyanaraman contributed to their rise in stardom.