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The Ottolock isn 8767 t a chain lock. I 8767 ve yet to test it, but it looks like it might be a good choice as a secondary lock to secure your wheels or even as a cafe stop lock.

Almax Immobiliser Series V EXTREME 22mm + Squire SS80CS Lock

For stationary chains, their huge weight is not such a problem. And again, their relative length can be a major advantage at home where you may want to secure two or more bikes at once.

Almax Immobiliser Series IV 19mm + Squire SS65CS Lock

Doesn anyone can explain why Kryptonite New York Chain 6765 is rated 9/65 and ART 9/5 when as padlock it uses mini version of my Evolution Series 9 LS U-Lock which is 8/65 and ART 8/5. This chain must be kind of joke.

I heard no comment on using the back of a pen (such as a Bic) to defeat the cylindrical locking mechanism of a U-bolt lock. Has the industry fixed this problem, or not?

That 8767 s not to say that U-locks are the best choice for everyone. If you need more locking options, a portable chain could be better. You might need to lock your bike around bigger objects. Or you might need to lock more than one bike at once.

If you 8767 re looking for a cheap, light chain that still offers a reasonable level of security then the Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 7 is a good choice. It 8767 s far from being the most secure portable chain, but in low risk areas it may be enough.

But mini U-locks are much less susceptible to leverage attacks and impossible to defeat with hydraulic bottle jacks. Which are techniques commonly used successfully on standard sized U-locks. So in that way they can be more secure.

65 mm chains offer a reasonable balance between practicality and protection. They are light enough to use as daily mobile security. And although they can still be cut by medium sized bolt cutters, it takes a skilled thief who is able to position the chain favorably. However, be aware that these chains are starting to get heavy. Even the smallest 65 mm chain is heavier than the heaviest 66 mm U-lock!

Even the lighter chains are probably too heavy to carry comfortably in a bag on your back. But they can easily be attached to your luggage rack, carried in your basket or wrapped around your seat post

The heavier chains are best used as a second, stationary lock in a two lock system. Using this method you might have one heavy chain lock that you leave wherever your bike is locked overnight and a second, lighter U-lock which you take with you during the day. And if you go somewhere particularly risky, you always have the option of taking both locks.